The Family of Prestige

1715 – Jean Martell (his great, great grandfather) founded his Cognac House.

1868 – The house of Martell went international and exported to China, Hong Kong and Japan – 145 years ago

1988 – His family sold the Martell Company to Seagram group. Patrick Firino Martell  (his father) became the president of Martell company.

1994 – Michel Firino Martell, ninth generation,  joined the business to promote and sell his family product.


« His grandfather and his father during a celebration of the new moon festival at the end of the 70s in Malaysia »


« Michel Firino Martell doing a tasting in Macao during the year 2000… »


Since 1994 Michel Firino Martell had always put all his roots and deep passion to sell and represent his family product that was Martell cognac in the United States, Latin America and mainly in Asian markets.

In December 2001, the Martell brand was purchased by the Pernod-Ricard Company.
At the end of  2002, after working  successively for both groups mainly in Asia, he decided to join other family  businesses that focused above all on the “terroir” aspect of wines and spirits.

In 2006, he has founded his super-premium wines and spirits merchant house (negociant): “Elite Selection Company

At the end of 2012, he found «Michel Firino Martell» S.A.R.L. to share his own prestigious selection made of champagne and spirits to his French and Foreign customers.

Today, he is animated by his deep of exchange and his unique discovery between the wealth of exceptionnal terroirs and the love linked to the work of excellence of the families to create his own limited edition of champagne and spirits !

Discover the choice of excellence of Michel Firino Martell


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