Folle Blanche–Single Cask –Limited Edition

 « Selection of Michel Firino Martell »  is rare, delicate and exclusive armagnac.


As a result of a wonderful meeting between Michel Firino Martell and the owner of Armagnac house Gélas Philippe Gélas, this single cask is made exclusively with a very fine and elegant Folle Blanche of 18 years old, coming more precisely from the best terroir of exception in Armagnac : Bas-Armagnac.

Folle Blanche represents only 1% of entire vineyards of Armagnac so it is very unique.

With a production of 498 exclusive bottles only numbered from 1 to 498, this limited single cask of 1995 selected by  « Michel Firino Martell » and aged in the same barrel and unchillfiltered is a very elegant Bas-Armagnac of the rare finesse that all connoisseurs would appreciate during a gastronomic meal or as an after dinner-drink accompanied with a nice cigar..



Bas Armagnac 1995  100% Folle Blanche  – 48.5 % Alc. Unchillfiltered
Origin : Château de Martet Sauboires-(Pierre Gélas) – Soils : Sand « Fauves and Boulbenes »



–       Amber color with green highlights, bright and limpid    –

–    The nose is very elegant with aromas of spices and stewed prunes    –

–    The mouth is clean and well balanced with dried flowers and cooked prunes leaves on formidable length on the palate   –

–   A very long finish with notes of roasted coffee, spices and tobacco   –

Cellar Gelas / Claude Cruells – Copyright

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