Single Cask – Limited Edition

« Michel Firino Martell » is a unique single cask grain vintage whisky, rare, with a nice full-length in the mouth  and very complex.


Selected by Michel Firino Martell few years ago and aged in the cellars of Michel Couvreur house, this single cask grain vintage is unique and limited.

It was distilled on the 12th March 1992 in Scotland, matured more than 23 years in an hogshead cask (typical 240 liters cask made with Bourbon staves) in order to keep its fresh grain flavors.

The bottling was made the last week of June 2015 into 398 numbered fragrance exclusive bottles from 1 to 398, without any blending and any amendments.

This 23 years old Single Cask Grain of 1992  produced with both un-malted barley and corn by Coffey Still.

Mainly matured in the Michel Couvreur humid cellar, its natural strength has naturally decreased to 48% alc./vol.. A droplet of water helps to reach 47% alc./vol.

This MFM whisky vintage 1992 is for amateurs and for connoisseurs who have time to enjoy life and unforgettable spirits.


Loran Dhérines – Copyright




The color is slightly golden with amber reflects.

The nose has lightly vanilla flavors remind old Rums. Subtlety woody, it appears very round and smooth.

The mouth is mellow. First flavors are felt closed, leaving a nice silky texture and a honey impression.

The complexity and the amazing proof appear slowly aftertaste.

Delicate but intense finale offers an extremely long vanilla aroma and grilled almonds.


Single Cask – Limited Edition



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